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One Ritual Towards a More Productive Week

Running my own startup meant that I had to manage everything on my own. From answering emails, meeting clients, executing solutions to managing a growing team and money(!), things can be quite overwhelming at times.

Since last year when I had a chance to be on an overseas exchange, I decided to create a more systematic way of managing my work. Starting with planning out my week ahead on Sunday nights.

Planning on Sunday nights allows me to know when I am going to be busy in the week ahead – with calls, activities, social gatherings; and family. Doing so…

When Green Nudge first started, we were able to find people who could support us through informal gatherings and community cleanups. Each time we hold an activity, as the organiser, I was able to introduce myself to the participants and at least speak to a large majority on a personal basis.

Whether you are making small talks through picking of trash, or seeing familiar faces when you come back to support making marathons sustainable, it was really about just saying hi, and getting to know people who in turn became your friends.

And perhaps because such informal interactions are increasingly…

For many who have been taught about recycling or any other environmental messages, you may have at some point in time encountered the sentence that “we need to educate our youths”.

This message assumes that if we were to get them up to speed, then our “young ones” will be more able to do more in the future.

That message is not wrong, but it doesn’t mean others shouldn’t have to do anything now. To some, that message appears to be one way to transfer the responsibilities to others, while continuing with business as usual.

Well, guess what, the young…

1) Companies are not paying employees to highlight problems for bosses to solve, but to solve them for the bosses. Likewise, we should be helping to solve problems for others rather than just telling them what’s wrong. That’s what we can and should value add.

2) Work is endless. In fact, I’m working today to create tomorrow’s tasks. Knowing this means I should take a pause when I can.

3) Build connections. Learn to talk and listen. Learn to hear the spoken and unspoken. People work with me because they trust me, not just because I say I am capable.

The past few months have brought about a different kind of world for many. Despite not having any physical war, more people have been affected globally compared any other global incidents over the last 50 years and more people have been affected or died from a single illness than any other causes.

This was not a world that I had in mind when I was growing up and certainly not anyone’s plans. In addition, I have also experienced so many changes that these were really unexpected but also opened up new doors and opportunities.

Looking back, I wished that I…

Ever felt tired of running the rat race and thought of being the boss of your own life? Or find that you are forever underpaid and that your life can be so much richer or free if you were to create your own career path? Or found a new product or service and can’t wait to strike the first million by starting up your own business?


Here are three reasons why you are not encouraged to start your own business.

1. Don’t do it to run away from the rat race.

You shouldn’t be starting your own business just because you are sick of waiting for the promotion or to…

Rise and Shine

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to opportunities for me to test out various routines. Because it brings me and my family at home most of the time, it also allowed me to experiment my own lifestyle and habits.

One of these include a system of routines that I have trialed over the weeks and I am putting these thoughts for consideration. Note that these are recommended for any one person but really for me to write down my own thoughts that flash out.

1. Rising Early

Many of us have heard this so often but it is frankly one of the hardest…

I believe that reducing excessive waste and consumption should be the norm in how we live our lives. That’s why I started my company to support businesses and communities in doing so.

In the same vein, I believe that reducing unproductive time and resources should be carried in one’s own life, so that more time and effort can be spent on things we find meaning and value in. Thus, I have also been actively putting them into action in my personal habits and lifestyles.

Here are three tools that I have been actively using to support my lifestyle:

1. Notion

Some call…

On the last week of May, I joined an online panel of speakers to share my thoughts about the missing men in Singapore’s ground up sustainability efforts.

How this Chat came about

Based on the responses from the online chat, it appeared that the topic struck a chord with a number of people, particularly those in Singapore’s sustainability scene. For one, based on my own observations during the events we hold, there was easily a 2:1 ratio of ladies to guys, sometimes more. It was hard not to wonder where did all the guys go all these while.

Rather than echoing these thoughts within our…

Despite running my own green startup and in the course of my work, advocating for less disposables, the fact is that it still remains difficult for my family members to be part of this routine consistently. So it is heartening when one fine day, the father returns from the market with food all nicely packed in containers brought from home.

The truth is, using reusables for meals can be quite troublesome. You have to clean and dry them, place them into your bag, remember to bring them out when you leave your house, and bear the nerve-wrecking moment of asking store…

Li Seng

I run a green startup in Singapore. Besides sustainability, I share observations on my interests, role as a son, brother and life.

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